Here’s to never growing up!

“The most potent muse of all is our own inner child.” – Stephen Nachmanovitch.

There was a time when a child’s favorite drink was Nimbu-Pani and not some black, bubbly mix of ungodly chemicals called Cola. Adults appreciated a simple cutting-chai and hadn’t yet fallen prey to the Starbucks’ mantra of decaf non-fat, no foam, soy cappuccino with three pumps of sugar free vanilla and two pumps chocolate and extra whip cream.To be honest, I have a better shot at being a rocket scientist than decoding the stuff that goes into that coffee. Back then, playing a game of ‘lagori’ or hide and seek was more fun than Grand Theft Auto. Every evening, the kids escaped to play outdoors and childhoods weren’t lost in the tunnels of Subway Surfer.

Everything is susceptible to change and that’s absolutely fine. Jobs change. People change. Presidents change. Relationships change. Facebook statuses change. In some cases even genders change. Few things however, should be preserved. For instance, the child inside you. That’s the one thing you should hold on to. At Grassroutes, we encourage people to not grow up.


DSC_5528“Chase a river to its source” – but be prepared to get up-close and personal with water snakes.

DSC_7355“Rob mangoes” – for no apparent reason and gleefully run when chased by the farm owner.

DSC_0564No.6 “Get a fish pedicure” – free of cost. Period.

DSC_3363 “Chew on a blade of grass” – step into the shoes of cows and goats for a moment.

DSC_6000“Watch the sunrise” – trust me there’s no way you’ll miss it, the roosters will make sure.

5301_Book-lost-in-the-forest-HD-wallpaper“Read your favorite book” – by a forest brook, lying under a tree or sitting on a pile of hay. (beware of the bum itch)

DSC_6224“Take a bath at the river” – it’s okay to be in an awkward spot sometimes.

Liquipel treated phone in river“Avoid your boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, husband or wife” – 100% no network zone. Peace at its best.

Pictures Courtesy : Uday Nanda

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