A Trip to Purushwadi: How it Changed My Life

In life, there are few journeys that carve their own uniqueness by gifting you an insight into your own reality, your own soul. Few years, one such life changing episode took place when I visited Purushwadi, a small village located in Maharashtra, now famously developed as the long sought weekend getaway from Mumbai. The deep valleys, the smell of rustic rain, the sound of trees whistling and the heart-touching beauty of long unwinding roads, all of it makes this village truly a breathtakingly beautiful experience.

Away from the hustle bustle of city life, this village bought me closer to the silence and beauty of nature. As I woke up every day to the soft chirping of birds, freshness of the air and beauty of the depth of valleys, visible from the little guest house, I could feel as if a spiritual side of me had awakened. I undertook the first trek of my life here, passing through the rocky landscape, trying to chase the sunset point and later amazed by the sheer beauty and tranquility that touched my heart, I knew this memory would been secured for a lifetime. The worries of life, the stress and anxiety caused by us staying isolated from Mother Nature, was not palpable here. The sight of looking down from the hill top made me feel that how small my own problems were, and somehow in that moment, I felt what I never felt before, I felt safe.

It felt as a spiritual meditation, as I carelessly climbed the trees, sat and had long hour conversations with my friends or swam in the lake, living life in the rustic scent of nature. I felt as if I belonged there, in spite of not knowing the language Marathi, I was able to strike a conversation with the villagers, play with chickens and goats, sleep in mud-houses and taste the sumptuous poha cooked with a lot of love by the villagers. There was nothing superficial about people here, they were humble, welcoming and excited about showing their village life, their marriage rituals, festivals and daily lifestyle. Money, fame and affluence were something that did not tempt them, but rather it was the simplicity and hospitality of their culture.

Every night had its own beauty. One night, I simply lay on the wooden bridge, staring at the stars and getting lost in the infinity of universe. While, other nights, I sat alone on the valley top, startled by the beauty of millions of fireflies illuminating the surrounding, silently. If I can call it ethereal, perhaps it was more than that.


Purushwadi taught me a lot about life and the humility with which villagers live. It washed my heart, caressing the depths of my soul, teaching me about the simplicity in beauty. It felt I was living a different life, a much more ‘fuller’ one, because everything was virgin, undiscovered and exotic. It made me feel majestic, as if the secrets of nature were being revealed to me, spiritually.

Today when I look back, I am fortunate enough to thank God for this experience. It created long lasting friendships and revealed to me that how beautiful was my entire existence itself.

By- Shubhda Chaudhary


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