Travel Within: Why Solo Wandering Can Heal Your Soul

Pumped with adrenaline-gushing adventurous zeal, solo wandering can in fact be a very therapeutic process. Imagine, discovering a new place, all by yourself, breathing its air, letting it sink in your chest and make you dream! Isn’t it just a miraculous process, magical! Yes, it is. Often, it takes a huge leap of faith, just to be alone and travel, as we are not taught to do so. No text book prescribes it, no fiction tale or in fact, to a certain degree, even our culture finds it an alien subject. But then, what’s the purpose of life, if we, ourselves don’t know how to face change, grasp uncertainty and embark on a new experience, alone?

Solo wandering is lust for those who are lost or the maverick souls. In fact, it is for everyone, at least once in their life time. No, it’s not also to explore new territories only to later fill up our social media looking desperately for validation. The meaning of this act is much more than just a trip. In fact, it’s a journey within your own soul, to understand what you are, far away from what the world wants you to be, far away from the people who know who you are and are obnoxiously trying to fit you in their idea of you. It’s beyond money, emotion, relaxation or just an escape. The first thing that solo wandering does is that it transforms your life into a meditation. Imagine hearing every heart beat of your soul, every breath you take, with the full knowledge that only you are responsible for every step. Isn’t it just beautiful to feel so alive, isn’t it?


Solo wandering teaches you above all, how to be alone. It teaches you to be comfortable in your own skin and respect the life which strangers around you have, no matter how insignificant it might seen as the point of being an observer. It also teaches you that no matter how many memories you make; you have to be ready to let them haunt you later as you process it, as a part of your soul will always be left behind. A part of your soul which cannot be described, touched or felt! It teaches you how to brace up to new challenges in life, as you take a deep breath, because once you have found yourself in anonymity, you know you have the power to start again, right from the very scratch, any day you want.

So, after reading all this, what are you waiting for? What is that one destination which you always wanted to travel alone but kept postponing purposely? You need to take that one step now, book your ticket and get lost, anywhere. You need to do it for yourself, just yourself and face your fear, one day at a time. Imagine the beauty to have so many stories to tell, later to anyone who listens, about how magical your life turned out to be, because of that one step, just because you tried. Just because you tried!

By- Shubhda Chaudhary

1 thought on “Travel Within: Why Solo Wandering Can Heal Your Soul”

  1. Totally ageee. I have done solo traveling couple times. You really learn a lot about your self and its challenging at the same time! But now i probably would like to have someone plan everything out for me hah


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