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Why Being Connected with Nature is Important for Your Personal Growth

For years, humans have tried to control Mother Nature instead of embracing it or spending time contemplating about its beauty. Nevertheless, irrespective of how much technological progress that we have attained, the hunger for connecting with nature still endures. It is necessary for us to stay connected with nature, its rustic beauty so as to evolve, empower and rejuvenate ourselves.

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Starting with air, we often do not pay attention to the fact that we are even breathing, perhaps take it for granted, sometimes. But fresh air plays a pivotal role in rejuvenating us, calming our stress and anxieties, in fact, helping us connect with our inner being. This is the reason why several yoga and meditation techniques have developed in India since time immemorial that focus on our breathing patterns. In fact, these meditations suggest that both long breath and short breath have an impact on our psychology and hence, breathing fresh air is like a natural medicine which also aids our concentration.

Secondly, even water has enormous healing properties, a reason why several festivals and religious ceremonies are related with rivers as the point of worship. Be it the Chath Festival in Bihar where married women worship sun while standing in the water or the eventual Hindu tradition of immersing the last essence of humans after cremation in the Holy Water, each has its own spiritual meaning. Spending some quiet alone time near the beaches, lakes, rivers and streams can also be very relaxing. The essence of water remains in the fact that irrespective of the journey, it flows. Hence, water teaches us to stay rooted with our morals but still tread through challenges with panache and bravery.

Fire also has cathartic properties. One of the reasons is why while praying, lighting diyas or candles is considered auspicious to mark the essence of the occasion. It endows a sense of relaxation from our worries and anxiety, giving us the power to let go.

Earth has been very auspicious for indigenous cultural traditions. This is why several festivals of harvest, celebrated in the beginning of the year is considered very sacred. In the Hindu mythology, it was Goddess Sita who fought for women empowerment and eventually embraced the lap of mother earth to bid adieu to her mortal self. Earth, hence has been considered very revered because of its healing properties.

All in all, nature has different facets and each one of them have their own beauty. They take you on a self realization endeavor so that you can learn how to cope with the challenges of everyday life.  Staying connected with nature, even for few minutes in the day and showing gratitude for its presence can make you humble and help you realize in the essence of Higher Power which is very cathartic. Thus, irrespective of how engrossing a daily schedule is, spending few minutes to meditate, walk or worship, each connected with nature, can be very life transforming.

By- Shubhda Chaudhary

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