Rejuvenating Rendezvous: How Nature Cures Us

Battling with innumerable demons in our mind, dealing with the exorbitant stress of everyday life and coping with the massive loneliness that today’s individualistic society endows, it can be quite damaging for the soul.


So, what is the way out?

To a certain extent, healing, be it after the loss of a loved one, traumatizing failure of daily life or just the idea of uncertainty, can consume us. Perhaps, therapy, catharsis, a new job, intermingling with old friends or solitary escape can help. But nothing beats the power of nature, a vital force that can cure us. Just like the rustle of the leaves that have their own music, nature has its own vocabulary, its own language. The power of nature is not limited to just a whimsical stray into the laps of mountains or the beaches, but instead, it can be felt more if created in synchronicity with a regular routine, a sacred ritual. The word ‘routine’ here is critical to understand how human sub-conscious understands the gravity of a regular catharsis, often in ways which are undefined by psychology.

To start with, curing is long process. It does not happen in an instant, a fact that needs to be understood if you are a solo Indian traveler, who literally breathes by experiencing the very enigma of magic bestowed by new, virgin, nascent and raw places. Well, interestingly, such spaces, delving into the magnificence of nature, need to be embraced with the same power as they come with.

So, there are few things which are taught silently by nature creating a rejuvenating rendezvous.

  1. Self Control: Look at the massive environmental loss that we shamelessly cause to the nature. Be it through immense construction, water misuse, deforestation or pollution, the loss is irreparable. But in spite of it, the self control of nature is quite tantalizing. For example, if dams are built to carve out the flow of a river, directing it to just another terrain, the river does not stop its flow. It navigates the new contours, the boundaries and replenishes the new terrain. This self-control, often unnoticed, shows how to live in the moment with grace of the flowing water.
  2. Irresistible strength: Have you ever wondered what’s the exact adrenaline rush experienced by Mount Everest climbers? Why do they do it, often more than once? Well, to start with, the idea of conquering an irresistible strength of indomitable mountains is quite courageous. The bird-s eye view from the mountain top reveals how small we are in reality in front of the giant world, endowing us the strength to face our fears, evolve better than them.IMG_0613
  3. Countless dimensions: Universe conspires in ways unknown by man. For example, while taking a solitary walk under the open starlit sky reveals that life exists in different dimensions, a pattern that can never be understood in today’s time. Myths have often endowed a lot of importance to stars. For example, the star falling from the sky is considered very auspicious. At the same time, it also denotes the power to let go, with grace.WhatsApp Image 2017-05-08 at 15.19.46
  4. Rural community: The entire construct behind less is more is very essential to be learnt in today’s life and age. Living in abysmal poverty, ignored by the material currency of the world, travelling to the rural outskirts of India reveals the side of perseverance to the soul. The entire understanding of the fact that being content in one’s own indigenous community is also an act of courage.

Thus, understanding the language of nature is quite essential to cure oneself from the jeopardy of life, an experience that would definitely cure us, if we have the power to embrace it without questioning and understand it with the capacity of knowledge that we have.

By- Shubhda Chaudhary

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