What activities are possible at Bajarwadi village.

Bajarwadi, a village situated at the base of Vichitragarh/ Rohida fort is a quick weekend getaway for all people living in Mumbai and Pune.

Here’s a few things you can do when you visit Bajarwadi.

  1. Go trekking to the Rohida fort.Bajarwadi
  2. Visit the village scientist- Mr. Shankar (Maharaj) Shinde and take a look at his inventions.2
  3. Go for a bullock cart rideBullock-cart-at-thekkady-farm-stay
  4. Take a village tour – You can visit the Akhada and look at a real Dangal or be witness to the  ‘kushti’ sessions. The village is replete with Maratha history and the villagers will only be excited to share a few stories.IMG_20170124_142210
  5. Munch on freshly harvested groundnuts.IMG_2000
  6. Nature Walks / Biodiversity Walks / Medicinal Plant WalksBJ
  7. Learn the processes of farming, poultry and goat/bullocks rearing, dairy farm.BJ1How to get there?bw

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