From travel blogging to awareness for change

I was never a born traveller. I come from a family, who loved to travel and remember that as a child we’d sit down with a map to plan our trips. This used to be the high point of the year. Planning, budgeting, booking…a lot would go into planning a vacation back then with just landlines and hardly any internet.

My marriage with an Army Officer and our first posting was in Pasighat Arunachal Pradesh. Have you ever heard of this place? Have you ever heard about this state enough? And, thus began my journey into the world of offbeat travelling and experiences.

From Delhi to Pasighat was one such journey that needed to be told – spread over 5 days, including the longest train journey ever, a boat ride across Brahmaputra, jeep ride into water riding above bonnet doing wheelie on two tyres and a whole lot of adventure that was actually normal course of life in that part of India. This story needed to be told. Thus, I wrote my first blog in 2004. That time there was no blogging. So, I read it to friends and families who enjoyed my humorous take on the journey and later it got published in a few magazines.


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Travelling to offbeat destinations, explorations into new experiences and traversing the path less known, continued. I entered the world of blogging with free blogging platform expressing my thoughts naively. I also attempted content writing and the world of words enticed me. I started reading voraciously to hone my writing skills. Seth Godin is my favourite writer.

A few years later, I landed a job in Make My Trip and coincidentally worked my way up to managing their blogs. I transformed their corporate blog into one that talks about travelling experiences. It was

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a big achievement. I realised there was much to explore with blogging and the possibilities it offered.


The ecstatic feeling when you receive a well-meaning comment on your blog is unparalleled. Confident of my blogging skills now, I decided to venture into buying my own property in the online world – my very own website.

Since then there was no turning back. My travel article was published in The Times Of India. My blogging won me many appreciations and awards. I became a proactive member of blogging communities like Indiblogger and Blogadda. The world of blogging was storming up. I was getting invitations for Familiarising trips and being pampered like a celebrity.


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Encouraged with the power of blogging, I decided to channelize it for social change. I simultaneously started my health venture, InfertilityDost.

Infertility is a taboo subject in Indian society. The plight of a woman undergoing infertility is deplorable for it causes immense psychological, emotional, physical, financial implication along with social apathy. Infertility Dost tries to bring awareness by bringing the facts at the forefront, talking openly about it and collating stories of real women who have undergone the issue of infertility.

We received an overwhelming response from all quarters of people. The power of blogging shone in its true sense. Reaching the people through words and making a positive impact by empowering women and sensitizing the society.

Blogging has changed my life. I now see everything with more perspectives, a different lens. It has changed me as a person too. I am now more open and welcoming to ideas, experiences and making connections. I am a listener and observer now.

Travelling is my destiny. I didn’t want to but I know I love to.


Gitanjali Banerjee studied International Relations from JNU, worked as a teacher, and then moved on to follow her heart. Juggled with freelance writing and blogging. Has worked with Airtel , Educomp, MakeMy Trip, PolicyBazaar. Currently she is working with the cause of women’s health and is passionate about spreading awareness and support. A content manager by profession, she blogs avidly, loves to travel, read and cook.

You can find her, here –

Travel by Karma  



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