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5 reasons why you need to know more about farming in India.

So, in the past year, you certainly heard and read up on the news and social media about the several farmer protests that took place across the country.(if you didn’t, GO DO IT NOW!!!) Without repeating what you already know, how about we think of ways to interact with farmers around us, know what some of the reasons are –

Also, wouldn’t it be amazing if in a short span of time you could know something more? with a practical, hands-on experience? And get to spend the rest of your day at home revealing in the experience you just had? Okay, I asked a lot of questions. Read – on to know why we need to care about these protests or rather think about what’s causing them.


Source- Grassroutes


#1. Because you eat – I don’t want to make it sound complex at all. A farmer and the activity he engages in, through the year ensure that you are functioning. An individual is working just so that a thousand more individuals can work well and get enough food to go on living.

#2. A real-time class in demand and supply – We don’t know how many people remember the Law of Demand or the Law of Supply, but we know for a fact that going and visiting a wholesale market will make sure you understand it practically. Also, cheaper vegetables to take home.


Source – Grassroutes


#3.Working in the soil – It may not be as thrilling as adventure sports or as enlightening as going on a trek but it will certainly make you feel something. Given that we don’t have too many ways of being close to nature and being party to the various processes that the soil and other factors enable, we must exploit every opportunity to play in the soil and sand.


Source – Grassroutes


#4. Part of your expense directly goes to the farmer – Not like doing charity. We pay to use some of his resources and for the snacks and hospitality, they provide ever so gracefully. And you get to know the in’s and out’s of being a farmer.


Source – Grassroutes

#5. Reduce the alienation towards supply chains – Supply chains basically, refer to the levels of processes that any product goes through before it reaches the end-consumer, you. So, as somebody paying for a product, it is beneficial in the long run to know what the supply chain is, to literally trace your product back to nature.


After eating at the number of restaurants enticed by Zomato reviews and Instagram posts it is time to trace our food back in person.


Source – Grassroutes










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