Of a woman who didn’t use travel to seek approval…

As a woman travelling alone, I took care of myself first and everything else was taken care of on the road. Lahaul valley in Himachal Pradesh was one of my first solo trips. This was back when it was still untouched by tourism. This led me to explore other valleys on my own. I always preferred the local HRTC buses in Himachal because they are cheap and safe as you are with the locals. They aren’t the most convenient rides, but they are well connected to the remotest parts. I shared my time with refugee kids in Ladakh during winters. My role was to share my skills with them and take them out on picnics. It changed me as a person since they didn’t know what a picnic felt like. These kids lived in remote villages and nothing felt more meaningful that sharing my time with them.

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Around this time, I met the Brokpa tribes, Balti tribes of Turtuk, Nomadic tribes of Tso Morriri, and traditional Shamans. Living with them was an opportunity to learn about their culture and way of life. There is so much to learn from people who have found joy and contentment even in the harshest conditions. When I travelled alone to Africa, I ignored all the negative notions associated with it on safety. I trusted that my experience will be positive. Living with the tribes, meeting the traditional healers ‘Sangomas’ and connecting with them was indeed a soulful experience. I left with an open heart and a positive mind. Africa moved me with its warmth, hope and hospitality. I also picked up many creative hobbies on the road such as Miniature painting in Kangra and pottery in Kenya. I found my reason to travel.


Each morning, I met beautiful souls on my way. Something shifted within, as the landscape moved pass my bus window. The remoter it got, the purer everything felt. Security became merely a matter of existing in the now. Thoughts of tomorrow no longer kept company. I looked back at the life I had left behind, in a new light.

It was in every sense a connection with myself. I was inducted into the path of meditation very early in life. Now I was on the path of growing spiritually as an individual. The signs and synchronicities started to appear.

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One evening, I sat by the Komic Gompa having this deep conversation with a monk on the mathematics of life. He added with a mystic glee “Minus – Minus is plus”. It meant a lot of negative and challenging circumstances will add to your growth. Because it’s these experiences that will transform you at the core. And if you are being tested time and again with these challenges, it means you are capable of receiving the gift of transformation. Sipping on the hot butter tea offered at the Gompa, I gulped down these profound lessons on life. As I was leaving from Komic village, my host family offered me a pair of Ammonites they found in the forest as a parting gift. Back then, I accepted them as I was fascinated by the fossils. But it was when I learnt crystal healing, I understood that ammonites carry the soul path of the person who receives them and they were metaphysical treasures to have. A few months before my initiation into crystal healing; I happened to trek to a crystal mountain accidentally and carried back a few clusters of clear quartz. None of these journeys were planned, but they happened for a reason.

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Listen to that calling you have – whether it’s how you intend to live, a career change or scaling that mountain. Always be aware and trust your intuition. Listen to your heart and pack your bags if you feel it will add to your growth. Don’t pressurize yourself to travel. Treat it as a tool for transformation than a need for approval. You will get where you need to be when the time is right. Chances are you will find your path, a soulful hobby, new connections, a new home and above all, know yourself. Surround yourself with positive vibes, shed your preconceived notions, smile, use your common sense, respect nature and local customs. Travel responsibly and you are good to go.


Divya Prasad is a a writer, travel blogger, energy healer and Sacred Geometric Artist at Iktomi. A curious traveller of life;  living my little dream in the Himalayas. She has also been awarded for unique tales on Indian Arts and Culture by Indiblogger’s Indian Blogger Awards 2017. (

You can find her travel stories at





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