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5 reasons why you need to know more about farming in India.

So, in the past year, you certainly heard and read up on the news and social media about the several farmer protests that took place across the country.(if you didn't, GO DO IT NOW!!!) Without repeating what you already know, how about we think of ways to interact with farmers around us, know what some… Continue reading 5 reasons why you need to know more about farming in India.


Kumaon: Creating Livelihoods

Life is a tough yet triumphant journey for people living in village Satoli in Uttrakhand. Earning a livelihood is something that does not come easily for the people of Uttrakhand, especially in a terrain which is difficult to survive,  due to difficult weather conditions. The mountain bound people focus  mainly on agriculture as their major… Continue reading Kumaon: Creating Livelihoods


Is Agriculture Failing Rural India?

Anonymously lost in the fragment of time, ignored by policies and haggling politics, agriculture in Rural India in spite of having a long-fetched and organic link with the farmer, silently suffers in neglect. Becoming footnotes in the buzzing and glaring media pieces, farmer deaths, horrendous condition of rural widows, impact of drought on livelihood and… Continue reading Is Agriculture Failing Rural India?


Interesting Livelihood Practices in India

Since times immemorial, livelihood practices in different parts of India have flourished depending on the culture, resource and sustainability of the idea. As industrialization has crept in at an alarming degree, the nascent and raw parts of India have managed to preserve these interesting livelihood practices as they are closely interlinked with the identity and… Continue reading Interesting Livelihood Practices in India


Challenges to Livelihood in Rural India

When Aravind Adiga was penning down his book ‘The White Tiger’, he distinctly differentiated between the two ‘Indias’ that exist today. The urban, modernized and empowered India, enamoring foreigners, migrants and investors, is gaining weight, announcing its existence. Unfortunately, the other India, the rural, penniless, marginalized and abandoned entity is now being forgotten, ignored. The… Continue reading Challenges to Livelihood in Rural India


Walvanda: The Importance of Paddy

It’s fifty and more shades of green when you withdraw away from the urban existence as you know it and escape to the endearing countryside at the onset of the monsoon season. As you trundle into cozy and sleepy Walvanda located near Vikramgad in the Thane district of Maharashtra, you cannot help but notice the… Continue reading Walvanda: The Importance of Paddy


Shopping Malls of Rural India

Situated in the rain prone pockets of the Sahyadris, Purushwadi - located near the Baltan dam along the banks of the river Kurkundi that flows through the hillocks of Bhairavnath – was originally known as Puruchwadi - meaning ‘village located atop a hill’. Over the centuries, it seems to have undergone a geographical renaming of… Continue reading Shopping Malls of Rural India