Kumaon: Creating Livelihoods

Life is a tough yet triumphant journey for people living in village Satoli in Uttrakhand. Earning a livelihood is something that does not come easily for the people of Uttrakhand, especially in a terrain which is difficult to survive,  due to difficult weather conditions. The mountain bound people focus  mainly on agriculture as their major… Continue reading Kumaon: Creating Livelihoods


Interesting Tribal Rituals of Ladakh

Blessed with the natural joie-de-vivre, people of Ladakh have very interesting religious and tribal rituals which mark them different from the rest of India. The most important aspect of their Buddhist life are lamas, which are considered auspicious and intermediaries between the God and humans, hence they decipher the oracles, which is followed in every… Continue reading Interesting Tribal Rituals of Ladakh


How Can Rural Tourism Empower Indian Villages?

Slowly, Indian villages are witnessing a nascent change. Embracing their culture, tradition, natural resources and artisanship, rural tourism is escalating how much importance India bestows on its rustic spirit. Starting from skill generation and subsistence to highlighting the traditional interplay of myriad of communities, rural tourism is silently creating miracles, triumphantly. As India braces up… Continue reading How Can Rural Tourism Empower Indian Villages?


Responsible Tourism in Dehna: A Peek Inside

Located in the foothills of Sahyadri hills in Maharashtra, the quiet village of Dehna is crafting new chapters for the emergence of Responsible Tourism in India. Intertwined with rural empowerment, Dehna which is located 130 km from Mumbai, is known for its rich experience, soulful memories and rustic beauty. Years back, when Dehna, mainly comprising… Continue reading Responsible Tourism in Dehna: A Peek Inside


Is Agriculture Failing Rural India?

Anonymously lost in the fragment of time, ignored by policies and haggling politics, agriculture in Rural India in spite of having a long-fetched and organic link with the farmer, silently suffers in neglect. Becoming footnotes in the buzzing and glaring media pieces, farmer deaths, horrendous condition of rural widows, impact of drought on livelihood and… Continue reading Is Agriculture Failing Rural India?


5 Lessons Learnt From Travelling to Indian Villages!

Take a deep breath, inhale! And just allow yourself to get lost in the power of anonymity, as you travel in the rustic and raw Indian villages. Often we are so agonized by our sense of identity and lack of utter self awareness in the humdrum city life that the noise of the city pulls… Continue reading 5 Lessons Learnt From Travelling to Indian Villages!


Interesting Livelihood Practices in India

Since times immemorial, livelihood practices in different parts of India have flourished depending on the culture, resource and sustainability of the idea. As industrialization has crept in at an alarming degree, the nascent and raw parts of India have managed to preserve these interesting livelihood practices as they are closely interlinked with the identity and… Continue reading Interesting Livelihood Practices in India


Rejuvenating Rendezvous: How Nature Cures Us

Battling with innumerable demons in our mind, dealing with the exorbitant stress of everyday life and coping with the massive loneliness that today’s individualistic society endows, it can be quite damaging for the soul. So, what is the way out? To a certain extent, healing, be it after the loss of a loved one, traumatizing… Continue reading Rejuvenating Rendezvous: How Nature Cures Us