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Why Being Connected with Nature is Important for Your Personal Growth

For years, humans have tried to control Mother Nature instead of embracing it or spending time contemplating about its beauty. Nevertheless, irrespective of how much technological progress that we have attained, the hunger for connecting with nature still endures. It is necessary for us to stay connected with nature, its rustic beauty so as to… Continue reading Why Being Connected with Nature is Important for Your Personal Growth


North East Tribal Architecture

The year 2600-1900 BCE is marked to be the year of oldest civilisation discovered in India - the Harappan civilisation. For archaeologists, the architecture of the settlement was one of the main factors in contributing a story about the lifestyle and culture of the Harappan people - Be it the residential houses, or the farmlands,… Continue reading North East Tribal Architecture

Picture Source- Indian Express

Nature Related Sustainable Practices

Reduce Reuse Recycle   I’m sure we are all aware of the famous 3 'R's of the environment. Children’s EVS books now contain pages and pages around the significance of sustainable practices because the environmental graph seems to be trickling down threatening the existence of our species. Why? Because 7 billion (and counting) humans are… Continue reading Nature Related Sustainable Practices


How Travel Broadens Perspectives

Today ‘travel’ has become a default dream for pretty much everyone we encounter. What do you want to do in life? “Oh, I want to travel the world. Witness culture, climb mountains, taste authentic flavours, revel in the exotic setting”, and on goes the list. While this has become a ‘trend’ today, there are only… Continue reading How Travel Broadens Perspectives

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A Glimpse Into the Rural Lifestyle

Summers always remind me of the vacations I took at my Grandparents’ house. I remember when the electricity would go out in the small town of Ghaziabad, my cousins and I would climb up to our roof with our mattresses, and machar daani (mosquito net) – I don’t think odomos was in the picture back… Continue reading A Glimpse Into the Rural Lifestyle


Why More Urban-ites Need to Visit Rural India

With urbanization becoming a trend and more people moving to bigger cities for work, we are undoubtedly drifting away from open spaces, heartfelt hospitality and natural ways of living. No matter wherever you live in India, there would be a village within a hundred kilometres, an urban slum even closer. Yet, we choose to not… Continue reading Why More Urban-ites Need to Visit Rural India


What Not to Expect When Visiting a Village in India

Now that going ‘Rural’ is becoming this cool-thing-to-do, more of us city dwellers have a persistent itch to either go back and spend some time in our ancestral village or visit a new one. In both the cases, we have our pre-conceived notions of how would it look like and how different would the people… Continue reading What Not to Expect When Visiting a Village in India


5 Easy Ways to Minimize Your Travel Footprint

It is funny how in India we claim respect by wasting resources. The more salad not being eaten at a wedding, the grander the event is considered. Two TVs switched on in a family of 5 with no one watching, but because we are proud to own those TV sets, we see it as a duty to… Continue reading 5 Easy Ways to Minimize Your Travel Footprint