Photo by calliopejen, CC BY-SA 2.0

5 Mirror Palaces in India that Reflect Glorious Craftsmanship

India is a country with rich history and a cultural heritage that sets it apart. There are visuals of the bygone era that can still be seen in many parts of the country. One of the standout reminders are the palaces of the historical rulers. In their architecture and design, you can see glorious craftsmanship.… Continue reading 5 Mirror Palaces in India that Reflect Glorious Craftsmanship


Architecture Digest – Rural India Edition

With the dawn of modernization and urbanization, the rural art of architecture has started vanishing slowly from our vocabulary. Understanding the very concept of rural architecture in India is similar to excavating the missing threads of our own existence. It is often a very surreal and intense process, as the more you notice, the more… Continue reading Architecture Digest – Rural India Edition


North East Tribal Architecture

The year 2600-1900 BCE is marked to be the year of oldest civilisation discovered in India - the Harappan civilisation. For archaeologists, the architecture of the settlement was one of the main factors in contributing a story about the lifestyle and culture of the Harappan people - Be it the residential houses, or the farmlands,… Continue reading North East Tribal Architecture