Photo by Adam Jones, CC BY-SA 2.0

5 Villages in India that are Famous for Handicrafts

India is a land of immense talent. The history of India is very rich with glorified facts and pieces of evidence. From the very beginning, art was given the preference and utmost importance in India. The country's historical achievement is linked to the art and skills of our Indian ancestors. Several commendable skills were there… Continue reading 5 Villages in India that are Famous for Handicrafts


Architecture Digest – Rural India Edition

With the dawn of modernization and urbanization, the rural art of architecture has started vanishing slowly from our vocabulary. Understanding the very concept of rural architecture in India is similar to excavating the missing threads of our own existence. It is often a very surreal and intense process, as the more you notice, the more… Continue reading Architecture Digest – Rural India Edition


How Can Rural Tourism Empower Indian Villages?

Slowly, Indian villages are witnessing a nascent change. Embracing their culture, tradition, natural resources and artisanship, rural tourism is escalating how much importance India bestows on its rustic spirit. Starting from skill generation and subsistence to highlighting the traditional interplay of myriad of communities, rural tourism is silently creating miracles, triumphantly. As India braces up… Continue reading How Can Rural Tourism Empower Indian Villages?