5 Unusual Festivals and Rituals in India

  Celebrating unusual festivals in India has its own auspicious experience. For years, different communities and regions in India have been celebrating indigenous festivals with their rural touch, often unknown to the outside world, yet full of magic and ecstasy. So, get ready to know few of the most engaging and eclectic festivals in India… Continue reading 5 Unusual Festivals and Rituals in India


Interesting Tribal Rituals of Ladakh

Blessed with the natural joie-de-vivre, people of Ladakh have very interesting religious and tribal rituals which mark them different from the rest of India. The most important aspect of their Buddhist life are lamas, which are considered auspicious and intermediaries between the God and humans, hence they decipher the oracles, which is followed in every… Continue reading Interesting Tribal Rituals of Ladakh


Ever heard of the Bani Festival of Karnataka?

India is literally a miraculous juxtaposition of several festivals which are being followed religiously from times immemorial. One such indigenous celebration is the Bani Festival that takes place every year during Dussehra celebrations in Devaragattu Temple in Kurnool, Karnataka. It commemorates the killing of demon by Lord Shiva’s reincarnation in the form of Mala-Malleshwara. It… Continue reading Ever heard of the Bani Festival of Karnataka?


Dancing on Fire – Literally

The international Hindu Festival of fire walking is celebrated as Theemithi in Tamil Nadu. Over the past few years, the festival has gained so much prominence that it is also celebrated in Singapore, Mauritius, Malaysia as well as South Africa. The ceremony includes walking on fire by the devotees to ask for blessings from Draupadi,… Continue reading Dancing on Fire – Literally

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A Glimpse Into the Rural Lifestyle

Summers always remind me of the vacations I took at my Grandparents’ house. I remember when the electricity would go out in the small town of Ghaziabad, my cousins and I would climb up to our roof with our mattresses, and machar daani (mosquito net) – I don’t think odomos was in the picture back… Continue reading A Glimpse Into the Rural Lifestyle


Gods of Tribes

The tribal religions in India often involve traditions of ancestor worship or worship of natural elements. However, over the years, due to acculturation, many tribes have adopted Hindu beliefs and the essence of their uniqueness seems to be in danger. However, when you come across these belief systems, you would be amazed by the stories… Continue reading Gods of Tribes